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Dallas, Texas



11 Howard

Elizabeth Malakoff

Always on the hunt for downtown NYC hotels to try out for my "sister trips". I am definitely adding 11 Howard in SOHO to my short list especially now that I have one at NYU.

Danish minimalism fused with a NYC vibe and a dash of pink. 
Beautifully curated spaces by Space Copenhagen.

[11 Howard]

Challenging the Rules of Usability

Elizabeth Malakoff

Launched in 2012 by Steinbeisser, the "Experimental Gastronomy" initiative brings together renowned chefs and artists for gastronomic happenings to showcase high level cuisine as well as design. Inspired by the concept of new ways to enjoy food, over 35 artists designed experimental cutlery and dishware that challenge the relationship between the user and tableware.

The entire collection is available at their online store Jouw.  


Brain Coral

Elizabeth Malakoff

The stunning colors and textures of plum and brain coral in Dry Tortuga National Park.

Located in the eastern pocket of the Gulf of Mexico, Dry Tortuga is one of the least visited U.S. National Parks drawing about 70,000 visitors last year (a tenth of what the Grand Canyon pulled). More interesting, it is a "indicator park" for climate change.

While I love the electric vibrance of the plum coral, its the bulbous texture and subtle purple tones of the brain coral that are more beautiful to me. 

Interesting article about this park.
[New York Times Travel]
photos by Rolando Diaz for The New York Times